Jacobo Kaufmann.
ISBN: 978-84-92524-99-0, 2018, 350 págs.

World bibliography related to the life and work of jJacques Offenbach is certainly extensive and plentiful. Dozens of books and monographies, countless essays and learned articles describe the many subjects related to this illustrious composer and man of the theatre. His numerous scores, as well as the press reviews, critiques and gossip published in the maestro’s lifetime could fill entire libraries.

Detailed descriptions of this operas, operettas, buffo operas, opéras comique, and others are available mainly in France, Germany and Austria. Abundant information can be found on his premieres in England, the United States, zarist Russia, other Eastern European countries, even in Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand and for reasons difficult to explain or justify, no Works have been published yet on Offenbach productions on the Iberic Peninsula, and most specially in Spain, other than the Spanish original version of this book, “Jacques Offenbach en España, Italia y Portugal” published by Certeza in 2007, of which we here offer an English translation.

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